It's that time again...we're turning to the next chapter of our lives.

Our life is one of spontaneity ~ constant random diverges in our road through life that lead us in a completely new direction... the destination always uncertain. But we go with it, and we never regret anything. 

Four years ago my husband, Erick, and I took the plunge to be entrepreneur partners. We never foresaw that we would own our own retail store and sell furniture, decor, and even other local artisan's work! Hundred's of furniture pieces later, here we are... we have Patina'd Grace. 

We opened Patina'd Grace in the fall of last year, with high ambitions and endless dreams. The 5,660 square feet of space was surely enough to do anything imaginable and we sure took our stab at it! We made a HUGE workshop space just for Erick to do all of his wood working, I got my own huge workshop space for all of my projects, and then a whole lot of show room space to fill with endless creativity. There was only one problem... an underestimation at just how much work that entailed for just two people. We are hard workers to say the least. We work up to 20 hours a day for continuous weeks upon months. The past 9 months have piled up on us and we reached a cusp where we are barely making it. 

Life is all about lessons. Every minute is a lesson to be learned through experience. We should then use those lessons onward as we re-evaluate our circumstances and always work better and smarter. 

When opportunity comes knocking at your door, seize the opportunity!! I am a free spirit and will go with my heart and what I LOVE to do. I don't believe in random luck. Every single thing happens for a reason and has purpose. That's why when I came across a space available just 2 blocks from us and on W. MAIN ST. I could not turn away. First of all... the building is teal and pink! Those are my favorite colors and was an immediate sign that THIS was it! The space is much much smaller than our current space on Robinson, but it is perfect. After Erick and I are done with the place, it is going to be GORGEOUS!!! Our current landlord has graciously allowed us to make the move so that our business can continue to thrive and grow. The opportunity presented itself and we had to act fast for the sake of all parties involved. 

So without further adieu... we will be moving to 2512 W. Main St. Richmond, Va 23220. We will be across the street from 3 Monkeys, Helen's, Star-lite, and much more!!! Stay tuned for our Grand Re-Opening date and THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support and we hope to see you soon!!! 


Jun 30, 2017

How exciting! What a wonderful adventure. Sending you prayers and well wishes. I am so happy for you guys. ?

Christy Kite
Jun 29, 2017

Congratulations on the move and your courage to build a business. We know its a tough endeavor and look forward to adding another thriving business to our Main Street family. Sheila, Kevin, And Barbers Rae, Charlie, Natalie, Maddy and Jerry.

Main Street Barber
Jun 28, 2017

It sounds perfect! I can’t wait to see your new space. Following your heart (and your gut) takes courage needless to say, but that
Is always the right decision! ?

Jody Hedstrom
Jun 28, 2017

Would love to be on the mailing list. Might make a road trip for a grand opening! Good luck with the move!

Courtney Clark

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